Positively Geared Property Investment Syndicates

Would you love to invest in Queensland’s highly lucrative property market but you are struggling to save the deposit required?


An Easyway Building Brokers investment syndicate can be the kick start you need.




Easyway Building Brokers have been operating since 2009. We are a wholesaler of all building pre-construction services and we have a team of highly professional builders we work with to complete our on-site construction works.  We consistently save our clients up to 15% off their building costs.


We are now offering those massive cost advantages to people wanting to get into the property investment market.  Our property syndicates allow people with minimal deposit to take advantage of these positively geared properties with our tried and proven investment strategies.



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Sunshine Coast & Brisbane Properties

Why should you invest in an Easyway Building Brokers Property Investment Syndicate???

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Easyway Building Brokers are not financial advisers or planners.  We do not offer accounting, legal or investment advice.  Please consult your own professional advisors before considering this investment strategy.  A full explanation of this property investment strategy is available by contacting Easyway Building Brokers and setting up a free no obligation consultation.


*Conditions Apply.  Past performance or cash-flow projections do not necessarily guarantee future returns.




Successful cash-flow in Investment properties is Rentability


Easyway Building Brokers have access to vacant land in many highly sought after locations around the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. We only ever build Investment Properties in areas of high rental demand with close proximity to services and amenities.


Creating properties that meet consumer demand is paramount t ensuring maximum occupancy and rental return from your investment properties. 


We create a range of investment products depending on the location and need for each particular area.  Investment properties can include single homes, a duplex or dual key dwellings or even units or townhouses.




Earn immediate equity & enjoy long term capital growth


Easyway Building Brokers have consistently generated saving up to 15% off normal build prices.  This means these savings are automatically accumulated as immediate equity in the property.


Developing properties only in high growth areas means we achieve the highest possible Capital Growth. 


Our investment strategies ensures our properties are positively geared and are insulated against unexpected interest rate rises.


This future proofs these investments.




Minimise tax through investment property deductions


As landlords, we can claim tax deductions for a huge range of the expenses related to our investment properties.  The following costs are allowable deductions:

  • Property Management Fees and advertising for tenants.
  • Loan interest and ongoing loan fees.
  • Rates, land tax & government fees.
  • Depreciation on the building plus depreciation of fixtures and fittings such as stoves, hot water systems, floor coverings and curtains.
  • Repairs, maintenance, pest control and gardening.
  • Building and landlord insurance.
  • Stationery, phone costs and any travel to inspect the property.
  • Accounting or bookkeeping fees.




New homes require far less maintenance


All Easyway Building Brokers new homes are covered by a 12 month free maintenance period from our selected builders.


All of our homes are also covered by a mandatory 6 year QBCC structural warranty.

All products, fixtures and fitting are all brand new and come with extensive manufacturer’s warranties so on-going maintenance should be nothing to worry about for years to come.





Investing in a property syndicate


Investing in property though an Easyway Building Brokers property syndicate means you require much less deposit that you would if you are trying to do it on your own.


The syndicate owns a unit trust that purchases and holds the properties.  By being part of syndicate it means we are able to leverage off the equity in the first home to create a portfolio of properties that would be unachievable for most people on their own.


Full details of how our syndicates operate is available by contacting Easyway Building Brokers.




How do syndicates work?


Everyone is different and we all have different financial resources. Many people have very little available cash but have good equity in a family home. Others have good solid income but only a small amount of savings.


Regardless of your position, Easyway Building Brokers can create a syndicate that allows you to participate*.  A syndicate is a Unit Trust owned jointly by a number of people with similar goals.


The number of partners in the Unit Trust depends on the financial resources of the combined parties.

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