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Duplex & Dual Key Properties

Essentially a Duplex or Dual Key Dwelling is two homes in one.  This is an innovative and increasingly popular choice for investors in the residential market. Dual-living products provide two rental incomes from one property, thereby offering a higher rental yield and this can in some cases make the investment cash-flow positive.


The difference between a duplex and dual-living home is the duplex is generally\the same or similar configuration to each other.  In other words they are generally both 3 bedroom dwellings with a common part wall separating them.  A dual-living home on the other hand generally consists of two individual self-contained dwellings contained within the one traditional housing design, the same as a duplex however, the dwellings are often split with a primary residence containing 3 bedrooms on one side and a 1 or 2 bedroom secondary dwelling attached on the other side. These dwellings are also split by a common party wall, which allows the property owners to legally rent one or both of the homes, providing an additional rental income.


Easyway Building Brokers have created many individual duplex and dual key designs for to suit various blocks of land.  Given the nature of these types of developments it is generally difficult to find an “off the shelf” plan that will work.  Our talented design team will work with you to create a duplex or dual-living design that will suit you block perfectly.


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Townhouses & Villa Apartments

Unit Developments

Regardless if your project is a townhouse, villa or duplex, Easyway Building Brokers have the design solutions to help.


Easyway Building Brokers also has access to all necessary professional personnel to help you with getting your project up and going fast. We have access to professional town planners, surveyors and engineers etc who know exactly what needs to be done to fast track the approval process.


Want to know more, contact your Easyway Building Brokers consultant and let us show you how stress free project development can be.


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Multi-unit developments require specialists throughout the entire development process. From the feasibility studies to concept designs to final designs, building approvals and construction, Easyway Building Brokers has the expertise and know-how to get the job done.


Easyway Building Brokers only use the best and most professional consultants available. These people and businesses have a proven track record for getting the job done, on time and on budget.


However Easyway Building Brokers does not just stop there. We also have property managers to handle the tenancy of investment properties or the real estate agents to handle the sales once the project is completed. We can assist you with pre-sales and marketing and our finance brokers and financial advisors can assist you with investment planning and construction finance. We even have certified practising accountants to help you to deal with the capital gains tax issues.


Don’t trust your project to anyone except Easyway Building Brokers.


Call now to find out how Easyway Building Brokers can help you with your requirements.


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Regardless if you are looking to build a single detached home, a duplex or a block of High-rise unit apartments, Easyway Building Brokers have the resources and know-how to help you with your project.  Our construction industry experts have the experience and skills to ensure your project runs smoothly.


We can assist you to ensure the town planning DA and pre-construction processes are streamlined to ensure the quickest possible approval processes.


Easyway Building Brokers will then assist you to find the most suitable builder for your project and our customised tender process and bulk buying power will ensure you receive the best possible prices for the construction of your building project.


Easyway is the only way to build

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