Our Process.

Easyway Building Brokers have procedures in place to assist you with getting your job up and going as quickly as possible, with the least amount of outlay.


Phase 1 - Engagement


During this initial phase, your Easyway representative will explain the process and benefits of using us as your building broker and the boutique range of services available to you as our client.


Easyway Building Brokers are not builders.  We use a range of pre-benchmarked builders to undertake the construction works for our clients.  Engaging Easyway Building Brokers to act as your broker and consultant means we represent you, not the builder.  Our role is to coordinate the pre-construction requirements and to then find the right builder for your particular job.


Engaging Easyway Building Brokers to coordinate your building project is done by entering into our standard Engagement Agreement between yourself and Easyway Building Brokers.  Easyway Building Brokers will charge you a non-refundable Engagement Fee to cover our out of pocket costs associated with your project.


Upon engaging Easyway Building Brokers, we will coordinate all the necessary requirements to obtain a building permit and source the right builder for the project. 


This initial meeting generally takes about an hour but your representative will stay with you as long as you require to ensure you understand the process, our services and your obligations if you proceed.


Phase 2 -  Building Design


During this phase, your Easyway representative will prepare a comprehensive design brief and determine your maximum building budget for the project.  This is when you relay all of your ideas, visions, wants and needs for your new home. Your representative will explain the practicality of various things in your proposed design and will explain the requirement for careful design to ensure your home optimises solar orientation to create a home that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also comfortable to live in and cost efficient to run. 


Within a few short days, your first concept design will have been created for you.  You need to now carefully consider the design that has been presented to make sure it is consistent with what you had in mind.  The design process allows for up to 5 free plan changes to the concept design.  This allows you to move things around or make changes to ensure the design does truly fit your lifestyle.


Once you have made all the changes you want and have determined the final design is exactly what you want, Easyway will prepare a pre-costing analysis to determine the estimated construction cost of the project.  Once the estimated cost is confirmed to be in accordance with your construction budget, you will then sign design approval paperwork to confirm your design approval. 


The approved concept design is then sent out to our Draftsman for drafting of plans and working drawings and also to our Consulting Engineer for structural engineering and footing and slab design.


This process is generally completed in about a week or two but is entirely dependent upon how long it takes you as the client to respond with your required changes.


Phase 3 - Inclusions


This is the exciting phase where you get to select all the fixtures and fittings that make your beautiful new home come alive.  Easyway have professional colour and design consultants on hand to help you select the right colours, textures and finishes to make your new home a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. 


Your Easyway representative will schedule an appointment for you at the closest Design Centre where you will select tiles, bricks, roofing, window colours, plumbing fixtures, doors and handles, kitchen appliances and cabinetry etc.  The list seems endless but with Easyway’s “Easy Choice” system, it all comes together effortlessly.  Easyway have a massive variety of fixtures and fittings to suit every taste from the simplest investment home to the most stylish luxury home.


Your Easyway colour and design consultant will document all of your selections and choices and will prepare a complete Contract Inclusions and Colours Schedule.  This completed document will become part of the tender paperwork that is sent to the builders pricing your job so they know exactly what is to be included in your new home.


This process is undertaken during business hours at your closest Design Centre and generally takes between 3-6 hours depending on the individual and the size of the house.


Phase 4 - Tendering


This is the phase when your project gets sent out to builders who are all quoting to win the job of building your new home. Easyway package the project with all necessary documentation and forward this to our panel of pre-benchmarked builders.  (Clients are welcome to include a builder in the tendering process).


By ensuring the documentation is complete and accurate, we are able to ensure we receive quotes back from builders that are all pricing exactly the same thing.  Nothing is left to chance or guesswork as ultimately this leads to miscommunications and problems down the track with added costs and variations.  By ensuring that we provide the builders with every detail required, they are all able to accurately price the job without having need for PC (Prime Cost) items.  Builders make a lot of money from variations.  Our systems remove these variations from the contract wherever possible.


Upon receipt of the builder’s quotes, Easyway does a complete comparison of the quotes and selects the winning tenderer for the job.  We then obtain the builder’s Bill of Quantities (the list of building materials for the job) and we compare the builder’s prices with the prices we have negotiated with our suppliers and sub-contractors though our Buying Group.  This ensures you save every dollar possible. 


We then simply add the preliminary costs such as the drafting and engineers etc to the builder’s price and calculate the final construction price. We then prepare your formal written quotation for the job.  This is always the best possible price we are able to achieve.


This process takes between 2-3 weeks depending on the complexity of the home and the availability of suppliers quotes.


Phase 5  -  Building Contracts


Upon acceptance of the quotation, the next phase is to have the building contracts prepared.  Easyway oversee the preparation of the contract documentation to ensure that everything has been included.  We also ensure the Fixed Price Build Contract has the Performance Guarantees provided by our preferred builders such as Guaranteed Start and Completion dates and any special conditions you may require such as clauses for provision for finance approval etc.


The Building Contract is executed between you (as the client) and the builder direct. In most cases Easyway will coordinate a meeting with the builder and the clients to introduce you to each other and to formally sign the building contracts.


Whilst we represent you as your building consultants, we are not lawyers and we do not offer legal advice.  We are happy to explain the building contract to you in detail however, you may also wish to seek your own independent legal advice before signing the contract documents.


The process with regards to finance generally works as follows:


The client obtains finance pre-approval from your bank prior to entering into the Engagement Agreement.  (We have professional finance brokers on hand that we can refer you to if you do not have an existing arrangement with your own financiers). This pre-approval determines your amount of finance available.


After signing the Building Contracts, Easyway will provide you with a digital copy of the documents your bank will need such as the plans, specifications and build contract.  Your bank will then conduct a valuation of the proposed home and then grant conditional approval.


At this time either you or your bank will pay the builder the contract deposit being 5% of the contract value.  The builder will pay Easyway the monies required for the building certifier to issue the building approval.


A copy of the approved plans will then need to be given to the bank before they will release further funds for progress payments to the builder.


Phase 6 - Construction


From this point on, the builder will undertake construction and will communicate directly with you if they have any questions.  We suggest you visit the site often to ensure the progress is what you expected and that you are happy with the overall quality of your new home.


Speak to your builder direct if you have any questions, queries or concerns.  If you are not happy with the response you get, contact your Easyway representative and he will take the matter up with the builder on your behalf.


About 2 weeks from completion, your builder will notify us that practical completion is pending and Easyway will arrange a suitable time to visit your new home to undertake a complete pre-hand over investigation of the home to ensure it is free of any obvious defects and that the home has been finished to the standard we expect from our quality builders.


We strongly recommend you do not take possession or pay your builder the final payment until you have received our hand-over report and have satisfied yourself that any items on the report has been attended to prior to your moving in.


All Easyway homes have a 12 month free maintenance period and are covered by a 6 year QBCC home buyers warranty insurance policy.


Build times do vary from job to job depending on site conditions and the complexity of the home.  Our standard construction time allowance for conventional homes is 12 weeks build with a further provision of 2 weeks for unexpected inclement weather or other unexpected time delays.  This is for single storey homes, 2 storey homes add another 2 weeks.

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