Our Point Of Difference

Build wherever you want.

Most builders have a limited region they are able to cover.  Easyway Building Brokers have quality pre-benchmarked builders in all areas of South East Queensland. It therefore doesn’t matter where you want to build, we can assist you to find the very best builder in your area.


We can build on any block of land.

It doesn’t matter if your site is a narrow lot, heavy sloping block, a difficult shape or just a problem site, our design team can create a design package that will suit your site as well as your budget.

There is a massive difference between dealing with Easyway Building Brokers and dealing directly with a builder. Dealing with Easyway Building Brokers allows you to…

Deal with industry Experts

When you deal with Easyway Building Brokers you deal with industry experts.  Our staff are all fully qualified builders, building designers or project managers.  This gives you confidence in knowing that we have the answers you need for your problems.  Dealing with industry experts and not just commission salespeople ensures your project is on good hands.


One person contact

When you deal with Easyway Building Brokers, you only have one person to deal without throughout your building process.  This ensures you never have problems or issues that are missed or miscommunicated.  Your single contact person will be with you throughout the entire build process till handover…and beyond.

Guaranteed Fixed Price Contracts


When you deal with Easyway Building Brokers you have the confidence in knowing that you project comes with a guaranteed fixed price contract.  Some builders make a lot of money from variations.  A fixed price contract ensures you know exactly how much your job will cost with no hidden charges.


Guaranteed Start and Completion Times


Generally, the contracted build period commences when the builder digs the footings.  In many cases this can be some months after the contact has been signed.  This can mean a huge unexpected expense to the home owner who is then paying rent and mortgage on their block of land while their new home is being built.  Any delay in starting or finishing the project does cost the client actually money.  Most standard building contracts have a liquidated damages amount of less than $50 per day for late completion.  Clearly this is not enough to cover the losses incurred by the client.


With Easyway Building Brokers, our building period commences 1 week after issue of the building permit and a standard home must be completed in 12 weeks*.  If not, our building contracts have a provision for liquidated damages of $1,000 per week.


This gives you complete confidence in knowing exactly when you home will be finished and ready to move into.


Guaranteed Quality


Every Easyway Building Brokers home is finished to our exacting standard of quality finish.  This is maintained by a series of scheduled inspections throughout the construction period and we conduct an independent pre-handover inspection and prepare a fully detailed defects report that must be rectified prior to handover. 


Because your home is inspected by industry experts, you have the comfort in knowing it has been built to last and any issues that were found have been dealt with properly.


Easyway is the only way to build

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Our mission is to have happy clients. We achieve this by creating homes that are well designed at highly competitive prices.

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