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What we do


A client wanting to build a custom designed home will need to spend a lot of time with different consultants to arrange all the necessary documents needed to put a job out to tender and to apply for a building approval. Most custom home builders do not do building design or drafting so this needs to be prepared before the builder is able to price the job. The owner therefore needs to appoint a building designer and work with them to get the plans prepared.  They will also need to arrange a site investigation and soil test. Once they have these things finalised they take the plans and site data to a structural engineering to get the building computations and slab and footing design done.  They are then able to go back to their builder and get him to price the construction works.   The problem here is of course if the build price then blows over the budget and all this needs to be re-done.


The other problem is that you cant really determine if the builder has offered a price is fair and reasonable without getting more than one quote.  The issue then is comparing apples with apples.  Unless there is a fully detailed specification (and inclusions & colour schedule and all the other necessary documentation), you cant compare prices as the level of inclusions the builders allow for can vary substantially.  Many builders will include Prime Cost allowances for things that make the price seem cheap but then charge huge variation fees when you alter the schedule of fixtures and fittings.


So what is the answer?   


Easyway Building Brokers are wholesalers of all pre-construction services.  In other words, we handle everything for your job, all in one place, with one person to deal with throughout the whole process from start to handover of your finished home.  For many people, building a new home can be very daunting if they are unaware of the documentation that is required to be collated before the job can be built and too many people waste thousands of dollars on designs and plans that cant be built due to budget restraints.  Our process ensures you never spend money on things you don’t need.


The type and amount of information required can vary from job to job and site to site depending on the issues associated with the site and the house design.  The following is a general list of the basic documentation required:


  • Soil tests
  • Wind Classification report
  • Contour and boundary survey
  • Building Design
  • Drafting of plans and working drawings
  • Structural engineering and concrete footing and slab designs
  • Cabinetry design
  • Inclusions and colours schedule
  • Project Specifications
  • Q/Leave application
  • Energy efficiency reports (6 star energy rating min)
  • Certifier and Council permit application
  • Preparation of tender documentation
  • Pre-costing analysis
  • Builder selection and cost adjustments
  • Provision of information and requirements for Town Planning


In some cases your particular site may also require additional information such as slope stability reports, bushfire reports and bushfire management plans, on-site sewerage disposal design etc. 


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