Why You Should Avoid Project Builders

If you are looking to build a standard home with standard inclusions and you just happen to own a perfectly flat traditionally shaped rectangular building block with good site conditions, and if you don’t make any changes whatsoever, then a project built “cookie cutter” home may work for you.


The problem is that this perfect world scenario rarely exists.  In the real world, blocks are not flat and they are not always well shaped.  They more often than not have poor soil conditions or bad access and most often people want to have choices in design and inclusions. 


How many times have you visited a project builders display home and been surprises by the low advertised price?  What most people don’t realise is that the price they advertise the home for in most cases cant actually be lived in.  The difference between the advertised price and the final contact price can be up to double what you first thought.  Why is this?  Because almost everything you see in the display home is generally an upgrade option.  This included the higher than normal ceilings, the stone benchtops, the fancy stove and sinks, the clean lines of the square set cornices, the beautiful floorcoverings, light-fittings and curtains.  In most cases, even the remote opener for the garage door is an upgrade option and the list goes on forever.  In reality, the home you get for the advertised price is more like an abandoned warehouse than a display home you were expecting.


A custom designed home is not just about how it looks.  A well designed home will be created to capture views and to maximise solar orientation.  This means the home will be comfortable to live in both in summer and winter and will minimise running costs for heating and cooling.  Project built homes rarely take these things into consideration.  They simply plonk the house on the site however it will best fit.


With Easyway building Brokers, we can create a custom home design to suit your block perfectly and still fit your budget and lifestyle.  Best of all, we can do this for around the same price as the project built home…but without the headaches of dealing with the project builder.


Easyway is the only way to build.

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