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About Us



With more than 40 years of combined experience, we at Easyway Building Brokers strive to be South East Queensland’s premier source for custom builds. Our focus is on providing exceptional customer service through our distinctive designs and quality craftsmanship. You can trust in our guaranteed fixed pricing, which eliminates hidden fees.

We value each of our clients. That’s why we take the time to listen to your needs and will tailor designs that will be practical, innovative and beautiful. We’ll communicate with you throughout the entire process and will offer creative solutions while removing the stress of project management from you.

As one of the very few building brokers in Queensland that is fully licensed and accredited, you can be assured of our professionalism. Our ethical standards and integrity are paramount to our success. We believe honesty and transparency are what earns respect with everyone involved. We are also HIA GreenSmart accredited, which enables us to design sustainable and energy efficient homes.

We have a vast network of South-East Queensland’s best custom home builders ready to provide pricing for your new home build. We expect only the best from our home builders, and we hold them to the highest possible standards.


We Value Our People
We Value Our People

Easyway Building Brokers strives to provide an enjoyable, safe, and fair workplace with rewards and recognition in quality workmanship. We believe in work-life balance and that everyone is responsible for achieving these goals.

We Value Our Customers
We Value Our Customers

Easyway Building Brokers sole objective is to meet the needs of our customers. We endeavour to ensure our customers achieve real value and benefit from us that they could not obtain elsewhere.

We Value Our Suppliers & Builders
We Value Our Suppliers & Builders

We strive to ensure our suppliers and builders receive value from their association with us and that we bring benefits of volume sales they would struggle to achieve otherwise.

We Value Ethical Standards
We Value Ethical Standards

We believe that professionalism, honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of our business success. By providing a transparent working environment we harness an environment of respect and loyalty for everyone involved.


Our vision is to be the market leading custom home builder in South East Queensland. We are confident we can achieve our objective through our innovative, stylish designs and competitive prices achieved through our combined bulk buying power.

Our focus is on excellence. Excellence in design, innovation, construction and product delivery. We create cutting edge designs specifically to suit each individual building block. Our objective is to create a reputation that is synonymous with quality, integrity and professionalism with outstanding value for money. We have an absolute passion for customer service and our on-site building partners maintain our reputation through their quality craftsmanship, and attention to detail in every home.

Our vision is to create fabulous homes that our clients will be proud of for decades to come. We are a company that listens to our clients wants and needs. We deliver on our promises of combining practical living with sophistication and elegance with exceptional value for money. We are a company that thrives on referral business.



To be South East Queensland’s leading Custom Home Builder.

To achieve this by delivering the best procurement deals possible for our customers.

To value customer relationships and provide the best solutions by understanding our capabilities and our client’s individual needs.

To nurture business relationships with our supply partners and builders to ensure the company can achieve its objective goals.

To increase our worth to our customers and owners.

To create an environment where employees are valued and empowered to achieve their objectives.

To create an environment where our smaller builders are cost competitive with the bigger enterprises in the market.


Customer confidence is fundamental to the way we manage our business. It is therefore our aim to:

Build long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and builders.

Obtain an understanding of our individual customers, their wants and needs and our ability to enhance the level of service we can provide them.

Understand the requirements of the end user in our market and ensure we are always at the cutting edge of market trends.

Understand that our greatest asset is our customers.

Be at the forefront of technology innovation and deliver systems that are streamlined, efficient and cost effective.

Provide real value to our customers.

happy customers are saying about us

“When it came to build our new home, we were hesitant to get started as we had so many ideas of what we wanted but didn’t know how we could put these in place. Upon speaking to Easyway Building Brokers, we were truly put at ease as they were not only very professional todeal with but had excellent concept of design ideas that were both practical and architecturally pleasing.”

“Their knowledge of both design and the building industry really showed as they took our ideas and transformed them into our dream home. Easyway looked after all the aspects of our build from design right through to construction that enabled us to have a stress-free build and also peace of mind as we were guaranteed a completion date. We are absolutely delighted with our new home and we recommend Easyway Building Brokers to anyone considering building a new home.”

Mark & Brooke – Stafford

“I recommend anyone who is seeking to build a house with Easyway Building Brokers as they have a truly unique business in which they took care of everything that needed addressing promptly and of which I was eternally grateful for. Just as importantly my house was built within budget and in good time.”

Lauren – Buderim QLD

“This is the second home I have built. I wish I had found Easyway Building Brokers to build my first home and I would not have had the disaster I had dealing with the large project builder. With my first home, I incurred thousands in extra costs and huge time delays that meant we were paying rent and a mortgage for months while they finally finished our home. Even then the finished result was far below the standard I had expected. I was extremely pleased to find that every promise made by Easyway Building Brokers was kept. We had a guaranteed fixed price contract, guaranteed build time and an exceptional quality finish. I cannot thank Easyway Builder Brokers enough. I strongly recommend them to anyone considering building a new home.”

Matthew – Mountain Creek

“Ok ok ok it is official these guys rule. We just spent an hour at our frame (I know it is merely a frame) but I am SO GLAD that we went with Easyway Building Brokers because I have exactly what I want where I want, after walking through the other hmmm remain nameless project builder house they are all the same poorly set out not thorough and sooooooooo not what we wanted. We got exactly what we wanted. The guys are the best and I can’t thank them enough for making our dream come true. Thanks again Easyway, you guys rule!!!”

Carolyn & Mike – Beerwah

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