We understand that building a new home can be confusing. That’s why we take the guesswork away. Check out our frequently asked questions below to learn more about what Easyway Building Brokers has to offer.

How long does the building process take? That depends on the size of the home, council permits and availability of materials. We make it a priority to streamline the process without cutting corners or sacrificing quality. Adhering to deadlines is one of our priorities.

What if I want to make changes to my design? Our pricing allows up to five changes, provided construction in that area hasn’t started. We’ll be happy to discuss other options or provide details at your consultation.

Are 2 storey homes more expensive to build? Usually two storey homes are pretty cost-effective in that the foundation remains the same and the second story is built up. There are however additional costs for 2 storey such as scaffolding costs and as a rule a 2 storey home will take longer to construct. While there are these added initial costs involved, it could end up saving from having to buy a larger home, adding on, or building up in the future.

Do I have to choose from one of your plans? We want your home to be designed to your satisfaction and will customise a plan to suit your needs. If you already have your own plans professionally drafted, we can usually work with them provided they meet council and safety requirements. It is a service many builders do not offer.

Can you help me find a block to build on? We can make suggestions and put you in touch with someone to help you find the ideal location for your new home. During your consultation we’re happy to discuss it further and can offer soil testing to help you make your selection.

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